“Working Class Dog” Rick Springfield takes a shot at haiku

In a way...anyone can write a haiku. In fact, in Japan, most people do. These little poems are written as a matter of daily life. People from all walks of life participate, as opposed to in this country where only a select, literary few have poetry in their daily lives.

So I figured for this post I would focus on amateur haiku. But, with a twist. The amateur poems you are going to read over the next few days are by rock stars.

The following three-line poems were written by good-natured musicians who were willing to play along and indulge my request that they give haiku writing a shot.  

Many remember Rick Springfield from his time in the 80s as Dr. Noah Drake on the soap opera “General Hospital.” It was a time when you’d also find him sporting a pink suit and feathered hair singing his hit “Jessie’s Girl” from his hit album “Working Class Dog.”

When Springfield had to reschedule a recent New Jersey concert due to illness he sent me the following haiku announcing his rescheduled show.

Was sick as a dog
Rescheduled show will rock out
Music all night long

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