Rosanne Cash on heaven and hell, an interview

Rosanne Cash was born in 1955 to her father, singer, Johnny Cash and Vivian Liberto. Her parents separated in the early 60s and Rosanne was raised by her mom in California. After high school, she joined her father on the road.

Rosanne wasn’t sure that she wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps. Celebrity has been a constant companion in her life, a companion she’s been wary of…

She traveled and worked as a secretary before testing out the waters of her own music career by writing songs. But Rosanne didn’t want to be the star singing them.

In 1978 she recorded her first album, “Rosanne Cash.”  She said it took her another 10 years (and a number of hits) before she started to feel comfortable in her own shoes.

I interviewed Rosanne in 2006. The following is from that interview.

Rosanne: Sometimes I think that what Heaven is, is a place with more beautiful music than we could ever compose. We just catch a glimpse of the edge of it in our peripheral vision and that is the song that we write. There is always that perfect song that I can’t get to, that I can’t write, that I want so badly.

Me: If that is Heaven, then what would hell be?

Rosanne: (Laughing) We create that everyday. Don’t we?

Me: Is there a favorite part of the writing process for you?

Rosanne: When it’s done… that moment when I know it’s going to work and I have broken through the wall. That is my favorite part.

Me: Has your relationship to music changed over the last 30 years?

Rosanne: Yes, it’s gotten better, deeper… like somebody that I have been married to and have learned to know better, but who still constantly surprises me. I love it more than ever.

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