Glen Campbell, my son and me

I have always thought of music as a miracle that we can see and take part in. That is why we raise our cell phones into the air above our heads at concerts, why we all want to clap, tap and stomp along when the music starts.

Country music legend Glen Campbell was knee-high when his dad ordered his first guitar for him and he still tells of his anticipation waiting for his kid-sized Sears Roebuck guitar to arrive.

“Our mailbox was at Billstown Crossroads, two miles from our house, and I walked up there every day at the age of 4 to see if the guitar had arrived. When it finally did, you couldn't get it out of my hands,” he said.
That was about the same age I was when I fell in love with his song.

I sang it in the tub, using my can of Crazy Foam soap as a microphone. I sang it in my room, playing with Legos. It’s about the same age my son, Owen, is now. From the car to the tub, he also sings everywhere he goes.  

And like me, he sings just to amuse himself. He’s not hamming it up or singing for others. He sings simply for the joy of doing it.

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